A Common Sense Plan for
all British Columbians

Over the coming weeks and months, we want to hear from you, on what policies you believe are needed to turn our Province around. In the meantime, here’s a sampling of where we stand on many of today’s most important issues.

Cost of Living

  • 1
    End the ICBC Monopoly

    ICBC is a bloated, ineffective government monopoly that charges some of the highest rates in the entire country. It’s time to allow choice and competition so that British Columbians can shop around for the price and plan that’s right for them.

  • 2
    Get Gas Prices Under Control

    British Columbians are getting screwed at the pumps. With the highest gas prices in North America, it’s time to axe the Carbon Tax, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and ensure more refined product reaches the B.C. market.

  • 3
    Stabilize the Housing Market

    Encourage a stable and predictable housing market. This means getting prices under control by promoting the development of new housing supply while cracking down on illegal money laundering that has inflated prices and facilitated criminal activity.

  • 4
    Emergency Housing Supply

    Introduce special “density zones” that allow the Provincial Government to supersede local councils and streamline the production of new housing units where they are needed most.

  • 5
    Choice in Child Care

    Support all new parents with the costs of childcare directly, while incentivizing the private sector to create new childcare spaces. This plan includes forming partnerships with municipalities.

The Economy

  • 1
    Lower Taxes, Smaller Government

    The government is an inefficient delivery vehicle for services and its growth is cannibalizing private-sector job creation. Wasteful spending should be cut and the savings returned to taxpayers.

  • 2
    Balance the Budget

    It is immoral (and financially hazardous) to continue living beyond our means and leaving our children with the bill. Within 24 months, the budget must be balanced.

  • 3
    Champion Small Business

    Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy and the bedrock of our communities. Useless and redundant regulations need to be removed, while larger corporations need to be held accountable if they engage in unfair or anti-competitive practices.

  • 4
    Get B.C. Back to Work

    Paying individuals “not to work” may have been a temporary necessity at the outbreak of COVID-19, but it is now contributing to a chronic labour shortage across the province. It’s time to get British Columbians back to work.

Energy & the Environment

  • 1
    Scrap the Carbon Tax

    The regressive, job-killing carbon tax drives up the cost of living and has no impact on global emissions. It is unfair to rural and northern communities and leads to the offshoring of jobs overseas.

  • 2
    Expand LNG

    Dramatically expand B.C.’s natural gas production and LNG export facilities and reduce global emissions through the displacement of coal-fired electricity in countries like China.

  • 3
    Get Pipelines Built

    Pipelines are the safest and most economical means of transporting oil and natural gas and are essential in getting our resources to market. Their construction, including TMX, Coastal GasLink and Northern Gateway, deserve our complete support.

Forestry, Mining and B.C.’s Resource Industries

  • 1
    Support B.C. Forestry

    B.C.’s forest industry is the envy of the world. It is 100% sustainable and renewable and supports tens of thousands of high-paying jobs across the province.

  • 2
    Hold Activists Accountable

    Activists who impede the activity of resource development through illegal blockades, harassment and violence must be held legally, and financially, responsible for their actions – as must the groups that support them.

  • 3
    Encourage Mining, Hydro-electricity, Fishing, and More!

    British Columbia is a resource superpower. Encourage and promote the development of these resources in a way that is sustainable, and that delivers maximum value to the taxpayers of our province.


  • 1
    Support Parents’ Choices

    Parents have the right to determine how and where their children will be educated. Government must provide fair and reasonable funding to families for the type of education they choose for their children. This includes public, private or homeschooling.

  • 2
    Remove Ideology from the Classroom

    Political bias and ideology have no place in B.C.’s education curriculum and must be removed immediately. Schools must be places of learning – not tools for activism and indoctrination.

  • 3
    Protect Free Speech on Campus

    Universities and colleges that do not support and defend freedom of expression on campus will be defunded. Taxpayer money will not be used to support places of censorship and intimidation.

  • 4
    Post-Secondary Funding Re-Allocation

    Government funding within post-secondary institutions will be re-allocated to promote and incentivize training in essential fields such as medicine, engineering, and skilled trades.

Health Care

  • 1
    Serious, Substantive Reform

    The performance of British Columbia’s health care system throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been abysmal. Chronic shortages in physicians, nurses and ICU capacity has become painstakingly clear. It’s time for serious reform.

  • 2
    Choice and Competition

    Allow choice and competition in the delivery of health care services while retaining universal access for all British Columbians. End the government's court case against private clinics and unleash the power of private-sector innovation.

  • 3
    Reduce Wait Times

    Unless we embrace bold reforms, British Columbians will continue to suffer with unreasonable delays on many medical procedures. Reform hospital funding to incentivize output - just like many European countries (and Australia) have done to improve results.

  • 4
    More Doctors, More Nurses

    Incentivize post-secondary institutions to train more RNs, LPNs, and physicians by prioritizing government funding and support for these programs and students.

Mental Illness, Homelessness and the B.C. Opioid Crisis

  • 1
    Re-Open Mental Hospitals

    Re-open and revitalize mental hospitals and facilities to give suffering British Columbians the help that they deserve.

  • 2
    End Heroin Hand-Outs

    Handing out heroin and other hard drugs to addicts does not solve the problem and instead perpetuates a coercive and destructive addiction.

  • 3
    Stop Warehousing Addicts

    Taxpayer money should not be used to purchase hotels in residential areas and warehouse those addicted to drugs. These programs don’t work, crater property values and increase crime in the community.

  • 4
    Mandatory Rehabilitation

    Instead of “destigmatizing” hard drug use, it’s time to acknowledge the serious harm it causes to users, their families and the communities around them. Through mandatory rehabilitation, addicts will be offered an opportunity to get clean and become productive, taxpaying members of society once again.

Crime and Lawlessness

  • 1
    Defend the Police

    Instead of defunding the police, our brave men and women in law enforcement should be supported and given the resources they need to successfully do their jobs.

  • 2
    Crack Down on Violent Crime

    Zero tolerance for violent and repeat offenders. End the revolving door justice system by directing prosecutors to pursue maximum sentencing for those convicted of serious crimes.

  • 3
    Appoint principled Judges

    Appoint judges that put victims and their families first – not the sob stories of hardened criminals.

  • 4
    No More “Tent Cities”

    Illegal “tent cities” lead to increases in crime, violence and disorder in otherwise peaceful communities. They are unfair to those who work hard, pay their taxes, follow the law and have had their neighborhoods stolen from them.

Culture and Freedom

  • 1
    End Vaccine Mandates and Passports

    While medically-approved inoculation should be encouraged, and vaccines offered to all British Columbians, individuals should not be mandated or coerced into receiving any medical treatment (including vaccination) against their will – and common sense exemptions (natural immunity, medical necessity etc.) should be recognized immediately.

  • 2
    Defend Our History

    British Columbia’s (and Canada’s) history is not perfect – but nothing (or no one) ever is. We should be proud of the province we call home and the generations who came before us. Historical markers of that past legacy, including statues, must be protected and, where needed, restored.

  • 3
    Oppose Identity Politics

    Identity politics is a divisive ideological force that must be rejected. British Columbians should be treated equally regardless of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Programs that discriminate based on these characteristics must be disbanded.