Time for a New Political
Alternative in B.C.?

We think so. Sign up below if you do too.

We are British Columbians –

who believe this incredible province deserves better; who are unhappy with the current political choices and who believe it’s time for a real, democratic alternative.

Under the NDP, our economic strength has waned, our personal freedoms eroded and the cost of living has soared to once-unimaginable highs. And yet, there appears to be no genuine alternative; no democratic debate. No one standing up for the hard-working taxpayers of this province when it matters most. We believe the time is right for a new alternative to emerge.

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A Promise to You

Following the undemocratic decision to block the BC Liberal leadership candidacy of Aaron Gunn, on November 5th, 2021, Aaron promised a new political alternative for B.C. by the time of the next election.

Backed by a team of committed and accomplished British Columbians, CommonSenseBC is the first step in the realization of that guarantee.

A Lack of
Common Sense

Together, British Columbia’s political parties have enacted and supported policies that have raised the cost of living, increased crime and decimated BC’s resource industries.

We believe it’s time for a new approach.

Join our movement to bring common
sense back to British Columbia